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Pulmen Buildicon Pvt. Ltd.

Pulmen Buildicon Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed Civil construction company, The erstwhile proprietorship firm was established in the year 2017 by Er. Sumit Kumar, now one of the director of the company. Since inception the company is engaged in the construction of infrastructure Development projects it includes landscaping and horticulture gained prominence in its civil structural work with complete interiors & exterior finishing work in all respect Real Estate and allied fields, with in the construction of infrastructure development projects and gained prominence in its civil structural work with complete interiors & exterior finishing works and also we are into landscaping, land designing , plantation, horticulture and allied fields, within the country by catering to the need based sectors and clients with a timeframe commitment strategy adopted for the projects within the given timeframe. The company with its dynamics and growth potential is headed by Mr. Sumit Kumar and Mr. Guddu Kumar. The Company started its operations in Patna, but has expanded to other major cities like NCR Region. The organization has full ‐ fledged design management division, Project control division, Building service division along with the full strength of a construction development. All projects complete with landscaping inter and external infrastructure development.

Why Choose us?

We focus on you.

We will make your building construction project proceed in a straightforward manner with the least possible impact on your normal operations. You'll get the results you want on time and within budget.

Cost Efficient

Our approach to safety and regulatory compliance has enabled us to grow. We continue to prove that we can operate within safety and environmental regulations and remain cost efficient.

Quality Without Compromise

We provide expertise and genuine commitment to quality on every project, no matter the size, market or delivery method

Project Leadership

We have a solid reputation as a market leader with integrity that finishes the job on time and within budget. We use and offer the most advanced technology for bidding and estimations, project management, and scheduling.

Impeccable Safety Record

We meet or exceed industry training and safety standards and have been heavily awarded for our safety record. We have demonstrated that safety can be a competitive advantage, and our commitment to safety is an important part of our vision.

We Offer Planning & Programming Services

We provide multi-disciplined, full-service architectural and planning services to a variety of clients. Our well-established reputation, built over three decades, is based on our talented team of professionals, who share our passion for quality service and client satisfaction. Full-service planning is offered in the form of technical architectural drawings and documentation to accurately capture all the geometric features of a site, building, product or component.